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  • I held off writing this review until our dog passed on, just so I could give a thorough, full, honest review of Berry Hill. This past Friday, my wife and I had to put our 13 year old angel down and I have to say that Berry Hill made everything wonderful to deal with (as much as you can at least, given the circumstances). We started going to Berry Hill for our dog about 3 years ago when we moved to Oregon City, and right off the bat, they helped us diagnose a torn ACL in our pooch. The cost was reasonable and they did the tests immediately. They helped us get a pain management plan together and Dr. Jacobs recommended against surgery saying that an older dog shouldn't go through that. In a situation where she could have gotten more money out of us, she went the compassionate way which we really appreciated. Fast forward to a few months ago and our dog started having some strange issues (drinking 4 bowls of water a day, more accidents in the house, maniacal hunger, etc.) Dr. Jacobs helped walk us through the tests, and we eventually discovered she had Cushings. At 13, Dr. Jacobs told us that there were some medications to try, but basically started to get us ready for the inevitable. We had so many questions over the last few months regarding symptoms to look for in preparation to put our pup down, questions about Cushings in general, etc. Every single time we called, Dr. Jacobs took time out of her night to call us after hours (each call was at least an hour after the clinic closed). Finally, in regards to the euthanasia...they went above and beyond to make sure everything was peaceful. A nice bed and blanket for her to relax on (which she went right towards), and gave her a bowl of treats and water while they gave her the sedative. They were extremely compassionate and professional. They even handled a crazy call from me yesterday wondering if her body had been picked up, etc. While we don't plan on getting another dog for a very long time, if we did, I wouldn't think twice about using Berry Hill again. They are extremely caring, compassionate and understand the unique bond between pet and human. Dr. Jacobs is a fantastic vet and I'd strongly encourage you to use the practice.

    B Chaison

  • Since my last vet retired I have been looking for a vet I can trust. This staff has the combination of expertise and respect for their customers knowledge of their pets to provide excellent care. I have been recommending them to my friends. I am grateful my friend told me about them.

    Cathleen Caswell

  • 4.8 Google Rating