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Dear Berry Hill Vet Friends,

George the cat here. 2014 has been quite a year for this feline, possibly the most fascinating of the decade. Since I am chair of the welcoming committee, on the cat entertainment board, and chief of warm laundry inspection, I barely have time to dictate this note. I took time off this year when I went on a walk-about in June, so I guess I can work through this holiday season. 
The year started out with a staff painting party. You can critique the paintings of my gorgeous face when you come visit our clinic, just ask for "Room George". Speaking of our clinic, we have expanded quite a bit, giving me more room to stretch, roam, play and nap. We now have three (soon to be four) examination rooms, mine being the most impressive , of course. I look forward to giving tours when we get settled in our new space in 2015. 
I would love to introduce you to some fascinating folks next time you visit. Let me take a bath, then tell you about them....

Dr.  Penny Jacobs, our fabulous ringleader, practices high quality, individualized veterinary medicine. She is trained in acupuncture and has a special interest in nutrition. She has been incorporating more herbs into her practice and she looks forward to expanding her knowledge base to offer more modalities to keep me and your pets healthy. 

Dr. Trisha Roisum has been with us for two years now. She loves sitting on my chair, but I digress. Dr. Trish has been using acupuncture and veterinary spinal manipulation techniques to increase healing and comfort. Trish enjoys getting to know every soul that comes to see her and is looking forward to using our digital x-ray and dental x-ray machine in 2015. 

My newest vet friend is Dr. Jess Cameron. She scratches my chin and we often wear the same color. Dr. Jess comes to us from the east coast and she enjoys supporting the human-animal bond. I know she is excited to be just as compassionate to you and your family members as she is to me. 
The veterinarians wish you much health and wellness in 2015. 

Our practice manager, Sionán joined us just in time. She has been herding us cats for six months now and we truly enjoy her and appreciate her efforts. She extends blessings to all. 

In reception you might be greeted with smiles by Katy, Chelsea or Tori. They send you warm season's greetings. 

My technical staff attends to my every need, along with the needs of all of the patients. Misty has joined the staff in the back that includes Rachael, Genelle, Jessica, Julie, Rachel, and Alicia. They wish you very happy holidays filled with laughter and fancy feasts. 

It is with much holiday felicity that I wish you oodles of cat nip, sunny naps, toys that you never tire of, and lovely time with friends and family regardless of their species. 

Best Wishes in 2015,
George the handsome cat